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Re: nVidia vs. ATI graphics card for fedora

Jack Howarth wrote:
   I haven't seen this issue mentioned yet, but ATI has just depreciated
all hardware older than the HD series of cards as of the 9.3 release...


This means 9.4 and beyond will no longer promise support for these cards
(although it may still work for a short while). I should have saw this coming
when I couldn't get 9.2 or 9.3 to produce video on my X1650 under x86_64 Fedora 10.

Oh, I love it, my 2 year old laptop now has a deprecated video card (you *did* mean deprecated, didn't you?) How do you buy a new video card for your laptop????? Its not as easy as for your desktop....

This is just another attempt by ATI to sell more (current) hardware.

We are all stuck with the free drivers now.

Which are not as good as the current proprietary drivers in *every* feature supported. If I want 3D and video and GL, the open drivers don't do all 3 just yet (do they?) The last time I tried them they didn't.


Kevin J. Cummings
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