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Colors different under mplayer and Gnome Mplayer

I've been using mplayer to view videos till today, when I decided to try
out totem and gnome-mplayer.  Both totem and gnome-mplayer play videos
smoothly and with good sound, but the colors are different from the ones
I get with mplayer.  Totem and gnome-mplayer both display the same, but
I think the colors in mplayer are correct.  Skin tones in totem look
bluish.  Totem and gnome-mplayer seem to be displaying red where mplayer
displays blue and vice versa.

Are there any sample videos that I can use to find out what's going on?
The videos I've been looking at are in AVI and Windows Media formats.
The system is x86_64 running F10 with an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT with the
proprietary Nvidia driver.  The colors displayed by all other
applications look quite reasonable.

Any help would be very welcome.



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