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Re: Fedora & XP on same machine, good bad or ugly

On 04/30/2009 08:32 PM, Steven Kemp wrote:
Good Idea? on different hard drives. XP home installed now.
Good, Bad or ugly? Recommendations.

Context: I run the BLU Linux Installfests that we have in Boston about once every quarter. Most of the time we set up dual booting Windows and Linux, but more recently I have been advocating using virtualization. My preference is to use Linux as the host OS (because the Linux file system is better), and Windows as the guest SO. I personally have Virtualbox installed on my Ubuntu laptop (XP and F10 as guests), and KVM/QEMU installed on my desktop system with XP and Vista as guests. You will pay a bit of a performance penalty, but there are some clear advantages. First, the container file (VMWare or Virtualbox) can easily be moved and backed up. You can take snapshots. However, it is important to note that you do need sufficient memory so virtualization is not recommended for older or low-end systems. Additionally, with virtualization you can share data between the guests and the host by designating one or more directories as a share. The real advantage of virtualization is that you can use both the host and guests simultaneously. Let's say I have an app that can only run on Windows. I bring up Windows as a VM, run the app. I can leave Windows up and running or shut it down when I am done.

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