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Re: Fedora & XP on same machine, good bad or ugly

On 05/01/2009 02:50 PM, Aldo Foot wrote:
On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:32 PM, Steven Kemp <SKemp010 roadrunner com> wrote:
Good Idea? on different hard drives. XP home installed now.
Good, Bad or ugly? Recommendations.

XP and Fedora install without problems on the same drive. Install XP first then
Don't forget the limitation of four primary partitions in a single drive.
You can use Extended partitions for all of Linux. Routinely, when I don't use LVM, for a Linux only system I make primary partition 1 an extended for the whole drive and use logicals for the rest of the system. Generally, Linux likes 3 filesystems (/boot, swap, and root). I always allocate /home and /usr/local a separate. Many times when you buy a Windows system, 2 partitions are dedicated, 1 for the C: drive and 1 for the D: (or restore) drive. During installfests, I normally use a partitioner (eg. gparted) to shrink the Windows C: partition, and allocate primary 3 as extended. Then I have a number of logical partitions available for Linux. I usually don't have too many choices at installfests.

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