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Re: Fedora & XP on same machine, good bad or ugly

I run FC9 as the only natively installed OS on my machine and have windows installed in a vmware (server 2.0) vm under linux. The XP performance is acceptable and it's set to suspend/resume when linux starts and stops so it's always there. It runs on a masqueraded socket, so outside network programs can't access it, which means I don't run a firewall on that windows image. I do run antivirus software there... cause you just can't trust it :) I find this to be the best way to have the necessary windows apps around when I need them: outlook and office. Its been years since I absolutely had to have windows running on bare metal. wcn

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:

Good Idea? on different hard drives. XP home installed now.
Good, Bad or ugly? Recommendations.
I did it for a while, but got tired of it :-). It is good that
XP is already installed, because my experience has been that
a single ext3 filesystem in any partition anywhere on any disk
will make the XP installer crash almost the instant it starts,
so XP absolutely has to come first :-).

I haven't found that.
Windows XP seems quite good at sticking to its own part of the disk.
in my experience.

Given a blank disk, I would install XP first,
but I've found no problem re-installing XP in its own partition.

Of course, it over-writes grub in the MBR,
but that is to be expected.

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