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Re: Virtualization for Beginner

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
It seems that VM Wizard wants to create an "image", but my problem is, that I already have a multiboot setup with XP in it's own primary partition.

Using real / raw / physical partition in a virtual machine can be tricky and risky. It is especially risky when that partition is on the same disk as the primary OS, since the VM will have access to the whole disk (not just the partition), and that means that 2 running OS accessing the same HD. If there is something wrong with the running VM, the HD can be corrupted.

Anyway, AFAIK in the VirtualBox user manual there is a section about using real / raw / physical disk / partitions: how, why, adn the risks. You may have to run it from command line.

The choices I have is to:
1) Create new hard disk
2) Use existing hard disk

and then it has a drop down for `media'

What exactly does it mean by choice (2)?

Means using virtual disk image created earlier from other VM session.

Do I have to use the XP CD/DVD and create a NEW hard disk partition or what? What are my options?

You should create new image, and - yes - using a MS Windows XP CD/DVD to install new MS Windows XP installation. Yes you will need to activate this installation later. This is the most straightforward method to use VM.

There is another path by migrating exiting Windows installation, but AFAIK that can be tricky as well.

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