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Off topic - mobo recommendations

I'm shopping for a new developer machine for which I'll be using Fedora as the development platform. Its been about about 7-8 years since I built a machine from scratch but since then I've accumulated a lot of parts that ultimately could contribute to a nice box if I had the right motherboard.

I'm partial to AMD chips. I'm not a gamer but I do like nice visuals and decent sound. I've got a good video and sound card now but they are both 7-8 years old. I suspect things have changed a lot and almost wonder if newer motherboards don't offer better on board now. I plan on taking advantage of virtualization so I imagine memory and processing speed would be indicated. Over the long run I always seem to run out of PCI slots or USB ports so that would be a premium. Economy is also a bonus. I don't mind paying for performance and extensibility but if I could get something pretty decent at a low cost maybe I could buy a couple and replace another older board I have running. I also like BIOS's that are tweak friendly.

Right now the fastest machine in my fleet is an Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz running on a dell laptop. My desktop (development) is running an old AMD Thunderbird which I don't even think breaks 1GHz and has only .5Gb of onboard memory.

Sorry for off topic, just thought this might be the best place to get an idea of what everybody else is using since we all share interest in the same development platform. Flame me directly, spare the list :)

Thanks - Tod

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