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Fedora IRC Classroom sessions this Sunday (2009-05-03)

Sorry for the late notice, but we will be doing irc classes in Fedora
Classroom this Sunday. 

We are trying something a bit different this time:

The classroom will be open all day on Sunday (UTC time). 
Feel free to attend any classes you like that work for your schedule
and/or timezone or just join the classroom and check back on classes
later as your time permits. 

Classes are held in #fedora-classroom on irc.freenode.net. 



for more details. We have some great looking classes lined up this time!

(We also still have open class slots for anyone who would like to sign
up to teach this weekend). 

Also, we are always looking for teachers and suggestions for topics for
new classes. See the above wiki page to add a suggestion or just reply
to this email or mailing list thread. 

Hope to see a bunch of you there!


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