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Re: Off topic - mobo recommendations

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Tod Thomas wrote:
I'm partial to AMD chips.  I'm not a gamer but I do like nice visuals

Well, then maybe you should stop being partial to AMD and looking for Intel
chipsets with integrated graphics. :-) Intel integrated graphics just work
in Fedora (just keep your hands off the "Poulsbo" stuff with the GMA500,
that one is not supported yet) and they offer decent performance for things
like desktop effects. (Even simple 3D games get pretty high FPS scores with

        Kevin Kofler

My experience with Intel graphics has been less than satisfactory. I've got an Intel MB with X3500 video. It claims to support full HD, 1080P, but it's glitchy has hell, lots of visible dropouts, sync issues, ...

I added an Nvidia 9600, 1080P video is perfect. I suspect a Radeon would have been just as good.

I wouldn't recommend Intel integrated graphics to anyone requiring HD video support.



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