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Re: Colors different under mplayer and Gnome Mplayer

Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:

> As you suggest running mplayer with -vo x11 displays normal colors, and
> -vo xv displays "reversed" colors.  Is it possible to control the video
> output method for totem and/or gnome-mplayer?  If so, how?  

I'm not an expert with GNOME apps, but if you run


and go to Video/Default Output/Plugin, you can switch xv acceleration
on and off and see what happens (there is a test button playing colorbars).
(apparently you can also run it two times, side by side, to compare)

But I'm not sure if totem and gnome-mplayer obey that setting.

> I suspect there *is* a bug in the driver, since I've never seen this
> problem before.  Maybe it's time to switch back to the free drivers.
> I'd like to report the bug, and (as I wrote before) a test file would be
> extremely useful for this.

It could be a bug in the driver. You really don't need a test file,
you can just say that "colors are wrong when applications use xv
But, it may be that the problem is not in the driver, just in the
decoding library the players are using (ffmpeg?).

> Vlc is available from the rpmfusion repo.  What are its special good
> qualities as compared with mplayer and/or totem?

This is why I suggested a test with vlc. If you can get good colors
from vlc in xv mode (called xvideo in the vlc pref panel), the driver
is ok.

Vlc is just another good player; I personally still prefer
the no-GUI mplayer.

Best regards.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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