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Re: install disk

Michael Shelby wrote:
I used an ISO Recorder 3.1 there is no verify option I will get a Different program and try agian, but when I open the disk it shows folders EFI, isolinux and LiveOs, then gpl and read me file. After I

That looks about right.

boot the disk and pick the boot option It will show a progress bar on the bottom, ( blue and white), and when it done it gives me the blinking cuser. I will try to reburn and I apprecate all the help. Would It help

How long did you wait for the system to finish booting. On some 7 year old hardware, it took a long time to actually boot up (multiple minutes). Could be a combination of lots of hardware probes and udev taking its sweet time....

to wipe vista and start fresh. I had to install xp and vista a certain way to get it to dual boot.

Yes, you need to install windows first, linux second, in order to preserve Windows ability to boot. Doing it the other way around, Windows destroys the Linux boot stuff you would have already set up (or at least requires you to set it up again).

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