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Re: wifi-radar

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François Patte wrote:
> Le 02/05/2009 20:12, Thomas Cameron a écrit :
>> François Patte wrote:
>>> Bonsoir,
>>> I have just installed wifi-radar on my laptop bur it doesn't work
>>> because there is no wifi-radar.conf file....
>> This doesn't really address the original question, but why not just use
>> NetworkManager?  I use it on my laptop and it does a fantastic job of
>> finding wireless networks. 
> I disabled NetworkManager because it is the source of problems which
> took me hours to solve: I forced the host name of my laptop to avoid
> problems with Xsession.
> I explain: suppose you begin your session without any wifi, your X
> session belongs to john doe localhost localdomain  Then, for any reasons
> you can imagine, you need an Internet connection, the hostname change
> and you become  john doe xxxx wifiprovider net and X refuses to open
> graphical apps because the session belongs to john doe localhost localdomain
> Forcing the hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network avoids this problem.
> Now, when it writes the /etc/resolv.conf, NetworkManager writes:
> search yourdomain.fr (the one you have declared in /etc/sysconfig/network)
> and dns does not works......
> Unless this strange/wrong behaviour of NetworkManager could be
> corrected, I never use this service.

I use NM all the time, literally every day, and I've not seen this issue.

My hostname is set in /etc/sysconfig/network and my /etc/hosts looks
like this: tct60.camerontech.com tct60 localhost.localdomain localhost

Try that out and see if it clears up your problems?

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