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Re: Fedora 11 fail because of Anaconda :(

On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 20:36:21 -0400,
  John Mellor <john mellor gmail com> wrote:
> If I let it default the filesystem layout, I can see and partition the
> disk, but always get a popup about not being able to find a disk
> partition after what looks like a successful repartition.  If I reboot
> and try again, It gives me one extra 200MB empty first partition each
> time (which I can delete, but should not have to).  If I use LVM and
> EXT3 instead of EXT4, then it fully installs, but grub cannot find the
> boot image on first reboot.  It also does not seem to matter whether I
> add the rawhide packages or not.

There is some sort of grub problem. In my case I have been assuming it
was raid related, but maybe it really isn't. I don't reboot after every
update, so I don't know if it's kernel updates, grub updates or something
else that breaks things. But relatively often over the last month or two
I have gotten a grub prompt after rebooting and then needed to manually
enter the configfile location and after the system is back up run setup
commands in grub so that the next boot happens normally.

> Searching bugzilla, I'm amazed that nobody seems to have reported this
> showstopper problem yet.  Is everyone else who is testing using real
> hardware dead in the water like myself?  Or is there a workaround that I
> just don't know about?

Anaconda had a lot of problens until very recently if you were doing custom
layouts. I think was the first usable version and a lot of fixes
went into There has been some more ongoing development, but I
suspect that might be for F12 as it'd be pretty late to be doing that stuff
with so little time left.

> Anaconda is totally broken for my testbed anyways.  Perhaps there should
> be a startup query for whether to use the installer from F9, F10, Suse,
> or Ubuntu, all of which install properly on this old machine.  I think
> that somebody urgently needs to re-release the preview, so that we can
> actually test it, or delay the release date by at least a month.

That's not likely to happen. But it did seem like a lot of stuff happened
too late and a lot of breakage (in particular video drivers and anaconda
and to a lesser extent the mass rebuild, python upgrade and rpm upgrade)
made testing more difficult for at least some of us.

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