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Re: How To Send Files Securely From Fedora

Robert L Cochran wrote:
I want to send files securely from my Fedora 11 (Preview) or Fedora 10 systems to a Microsoft Windows (Home Edition) user who quickly gets lost if asked to do anything complex. By "securely" sending files, I mean I wish to attach files to an email and then send them over the wire either encrypted or password protected such that there is little possibility of anyone but the intended recipient being able to see the files in clear.

I would also like the user to be able to send files back to me which are similarly secured.

The user likes Windows Live Mail. I do not think the user capable of managing public keys or of understanding how to decrypt public-key based files unless it can be done with one or two mouse clicks. I could do the initial setup and testing myself. Everything has to be geared to allowing a quite basic user to view the cleartext quickly and very simply, without others on the Internet being able to crack it.

I've thought of sending password-protected zip files using the Fedora zip utility. Perhaps these are compatible with the same utility in Windows XP?

Any suggestions?


You don't say what types of files.

Rar/par and WinRar are another option. The encryption is better than zip and from what I read easy to use, at least on Windows.

If the files are just documents, then I would use OpenOffice and use the encryption within it.

Enigma mail as suggested is an easy option.

Robin Laing

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