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Re: Networking questions

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>> I recently swapped a MB in a system.  The MB is from
PS>> a different manufacturer that the original.  I
PS>> managed to generate a new initrd-*.img with the
PS>> proper SATA driver (the 3 drives are all SATA and
PS>> the SATA chip was different between the MBs) and the
PS>> machine boots, but I'm having the following problem
PS>> with the network setup.
PS>> If I set the host name to localhost.localdomain, the
PS>> machine boots, but the network HW isn't configured
PS>> until very "late in the game".  I setup the machine
PS>> to boot into run level 3.  After the I get a login
PS>> prompt I see the following...

ME = Mikkel L. Ellertson
ME> <------------------[ SNIP ]------------------------->

PS>> Why does the eth0_rename connection get generated?
PS>> Suggestions?

ME> What would probable help fix this, and other problems
ME> is to delete the persistent rules in /etc/udev/rules.d
ME> and let them get re-created. If you are using the same
ME> CD/DVD drives, they will not be affected, but the
ME> network rules definitely be affected by changing
ME> motherboards when the NIC is built into the motherboard.
ME> (70-persistent-net.rules is the one for NICs.) At a
ME> guess, I suspect you have eth2 and eth3 instead of eth0
ME> and eth1. If you have a HWADDR= in your ifcfg-ethx
ME> files, you may have to remove them as well.

I removed every file in /etc/udev/rules.d and removed /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* and any version under /etc/sysconfig/networking. Then I rebooted and setup eth0 and it worked like a charm.

Thanks Mikkel,


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