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Accessing A Fedora 7 Box FROM The Net

Hello Fedora-list,

I have a F7 server that has been working perfectly as far as getting
people out into the net.

But recently, I have needed the capability to access the server FROM
the net.

I can ping the server, but I cannot SSH in, FTP in or WEB BROWSE in..
All the appropriate servers are running and are easily accessed from
within the 192.168.1.x subnet..

I don't have a router in place between the box and the Net. I am
using a DSL Modem in Dumb/Bridge mode. The Fedora 7 handles the
connection and authentication and acts as a
Gateway/Router/Firewall to the rest of the 192.168.1.x subnet.

Another point is I DO have a firewall in play (FireStarter) but I have
set a rule so that the IP of the test machine is cleared to come in on
all ports. I have also completely shutdown FireStarter and I still
couldn't access the Server.  IPtables is also shut down completely,
so that's not interfering with the connection.

I am sure it's something grossly simple that I am missing.
Any help would be most appreciated.


Best regards,
 Admin                          mailto:admin anything-goes us

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