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RE: Accessing A Fedora 7 Box FROM The Net

I would look at the ISP or the router as being the problem.  I know the
router has been set to work as a dumb connection, but there may be a
flag that you may have missed in the configuration.

Check with your ISP.  Here in the UK, I've been told that my ISP blocks
certain ports.  It could be that your ISP will do the same unless you
are on a business package.  They may open up the required ports for you
to use if you ask them nicely...

All in all, from what you've said, this looks like a router/ISP issue,
rather than a Fedora issue.


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Hello Fedora-list,

I have a F7 server that has been working perfectly as far as getting
people out into the net.

But recently, I have needed the capability to access the server FROM the

I can ping the server, but I cannot SSH in, FTP in or WEB BROWSE in..
All the appropriate servers are running and are easily accessed from
within the 192.168.1.x subnet..

I don't have a router in place between the box and the Net. I am using a
DSL Modem in Dumb/Bridge mode. The Fedora 7 handles the connection and
authentication and acts as a Gateway/Router/Firewall to the rest of the
192.168.1.x subnet.

Another point is I DO have a firewall in play (FireStarter) but I have
set a rule so that the IP of the test machine is cleared to come in on
all ports. I have also completely shutdown FireStarter and I still
couldn't access the Server.  IPtables is also shut down completely, so
that's not interfering with the connection.

I am sure it's something grossly simple that I am missing.
Any help would be most appreciated.


Best regards,
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