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Re[2]: Accessing A Fedora 7 Box FROM The Net

Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 8:22:27 AM, you wrote:

> I would look at the ISP or the router as being the problem.  I know the
> router has been set to work as a dumb connection, but there may be a
> flag that you may have missed in the configuration.

> Check with your ISP.  Here in the UK, I've been told that my ISP blocks
> certain ports.  It could be that your ISP will do the same unless you
> are on a business package.  They may open up the required ports for you
> to use if you ask them nicely...

> All in all, from what you've said, this looks like a router/ISP issue,
> rather than a Fedora issue.

> Andy 

Hi Andy,

Thanx for the reply.

The DSL connection IS a business package, so I am fairly certain it
wouldn't block any inbound ports.  But I will check into that.

As for the DSL Modem, it's a Netopia and once it is in DUMB/BRIDGE
mode it's not accessible to check any settings.

If I were to give you the IP of the server would that be able to tell
you anything?  I am somewhat wary of posting the IP publicly, but
if it will help.....  :D

Thanx again


Best regards,
 Admin                            mailto:admin anything-goes us

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