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Re: f10dvd installs but won't boot

> I explicitly said they are scsi disks in one of my responses
> and yes they are 36gb
> Again, does using scsi disks mean i have special requirements?
craig responded
you probably did - reading through your e-mails is very tough because
you continue to use HTML format which really makes it hard to decipher

I don't know that scsi would have any special requirements but I was
wondering what the differences would be from Fedora 5 and Fedora 10 and
I suppose that you could compare /etc/modprobe.conf from the 2
installations. It sort of sounds like there is a problem with your
initrd but I can't tell.

 html? my apologies, i had no idea.
I guess i need some info in gmail how not to do that.
in my gmail setting
Outgoing message encoding:	
  Use default text encoding for outgoing messages <<selected
  Use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding for outgoing messages
nothing here explicitly HTML
i will try the utf-8

I dont know how to decipher initrd problems.
I know how to unpack an initrd.img and examine init
and make minor changes  and repack.
I have used mkinitrd on my fc5 to add in usb_storage

I will look into comparing modprobe.conf f10 vs fc5,
but i am really trying to divorce the f10 install from fc5,
and fc5 modprobe syntax,etc might be wrong for f10?

At this point, having rhgb and quiet removed from grub boot options
should give you a fair amount of information at startup and I probably
wouldn't be using scsi_mod.scan=sync at this point because that seems to
be more of a tuning thing but I don't know what it actually would do.

well, my experience was that using scsi_mod.scan=sync
was necessary to get me beyond  "cant find /dev/root" errors.
It is easy enough to retry without scsi_mod.scan=sync
in combination with rhgb and quiet removed, so will do that next.
However,  f10 commonproblems( or release notes)
seemed pretty clear that it was necessary.
Evidently fixed in mkinitrd-6.0.71-3.fc10,
but my f10dvd version is i think mkinitrd-6.0.71.fc10.

you could always append 'acpi=off' as a kernel parameter but that is a
rather drastic measure, you didn't seem to need it in order to install
F10 so I would want to look at the debugging info on the startup screen
for more information at this point.

yes, altho i think the screen went blank on me, after getting
to .. Xserver so it is difficult to see much.
Will try acpi-off also

thanks for your continuing response


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