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Re: USB tuner and kernel.org

> Mick M. wrote:
> > Hello list;
> >   I recently bought an Autumn Wave
> OnAir HDTV USSB tuner.
> Hmmm, a digital TV tuner device.

Yes - our local TV stations and cable have all gone digital.
This is in Seattle.

> > I read the pvrusb2 driver setup information.
> Is that a URL on the web ?

> Did you take care of their advice ?
Yes - all were already selected as modules
> > Under F10 it fails with:
> > 
> > [root localhost ~]# tvtime
> 1. you won't want to be root for playing TV.
I am testing this so I stayed as root in the xterm.

> 2. tvtime: High quality video for Linux
> tvtime is a high quality television application for use
> with video capture cards on Linux
> What that means is it is for inserting captures of analog
> video into your vga output (display), it doesn't do dvb
> (digital tv) decoding.
> > [root localhost ~]# xawtv
> > no video grabber device available
> Again, /dev/video0 is the analog capture device - your
> device probably doesn't have one.

I downloaded every TV app to try and get this thing to work.

> > [root localhost ~]# ls -l /dev/video*
> > ls: cannot access /dev/video*: No such file or
> directory
> Only useful for analog capturing tuner cards/devices.
> For digital, look for:
> $ ls -lR /dev/dv*
> should see adapter folder, demux, dvr, frontend, net0,
> probably.
None of those show up, just dvd drives

> > [root localhost ~]# lsmod
> > Module             
>     Size  Used by
> > pvrusb2           
>    138896  0 
> Your device module is loaded.
> Did you do this manually, or add manual entries to make
> this device load ?

It was manual but I cannot duplicate it.
In fact now my box is badly broken - NO MODULES AT ALL get loaded.
I use wireless lan, no module - no internet.

I have the two latest F10 kernels - neither load any modules now.
This happened at first a couple of days ago, I rebooted into the old kernel and it came up fine.
Then I used yumex to delete and re-install the latest kernel.
This worked fine.

Now I have somehow killed both kernels - no modules.
I will post a new help for this.
The box I am posting from is different and is on F11-pre.

I was trying to "depmod pvrusb2, and insmod pvrusb2".
I could go to /lib/modules and drill down and find the module.
But it would not load.

I will answer the rest of your questions when it is fixed.
( it was not in either database, and the ID string was correct for the device)

Mick M.


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