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Re: Wireless speed drops

Georgi Hristozov wrote:
I'm having an odd problem with Fedora 10. I'm using the x86 version (fully updated) on Toshiba Satellite A200. My network card is Intel 3945ABG and I'm using 802.11g with WPA.

After a few minutes with this maximum speed of my home network (20-23MBps), it suddenly drops to values around 1MBps and doesn't increase again, no matter what I try. The only solution is to restart Network Manager. After deactivating NM and trying wicd, the problem persisted. And I was able to solve it by restarting wicd, like the case with NM. Some people from the Bulgarian LUG suggested that it's from iwl3945, because they have similar issues. But they don't have a solution yet. Unfortunately, I don't see anything suspicious in the logs.
Did you check /var/log/messages between the time it's working well, to when it starts to go slow ?
Does NM go through a disconnect, connected process ?

Any ideas how can I debug this issue?
- With another wireless machine, can you prove to yourself that access rate stays high even when problem laptop goes slow ?

- Once troubled, does a WAP gateway restart help ?

- Does the laptop only have trouble with this WAP, ie test it with another WAP ?

- Could the wireless card be getting put in low power mode/asleep where waking doesn't working properly ?

- Are you using power suspend or sleep modes ?

- can a wired connection to the same network stay up and continually download at good wired rates (eg 60Mbps on 100M connection ?

- Is the wap a router as well ?

- are you using any peer-peer network apps on either wired or wireless parts of your network, or even the on the troubling laptop ?

- Does the WAP log show any trouble ?

- Are you moving too close or far away from the WAP ?

- Interference from too many 802.11 frequency devices like other WAPs, microwave, DECT cordless phones etc ?

- does the wireless tools like iwconfig etc show that the connection speed has been adjusted ?

- does it matter if your notebook is running of mains or battery ?

These are just random guesses really, since my 3945 on HP nx6320 works just fine, and continues to work when I take the notebook downstairs, some obstructions away. However, my WAP Netgear WTG624 needs a power reboot about every one-two weeks because it stops responding anymore, ie the client network cards (notebook and 802.11G mobile phone) can no longer connect.


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