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Re: f10dvd installs but won't boot

end of quote re "scsi_mod.scan=sync"

Important Note: mkinitrd-6.0.71-3.fc10 fixes the issue above!! Please
update your system after fixing manually, or better after booting
using the kernel argument "scsi_mod.scan=sync" !!!
If you read Bill Nottingham's comment (# 19), the solution seems far
<<#19 in the bugreport
 Bug 473305 -  Booting from SCSI/RAID device fails
Comment #19 From  Bill Nottingham  2008-12-19 12:09:08 EDT
Install the update mkinitrd and remake your initrd
You would have to get a boot up and into a virtual console.


A. let it boot up until the screen disappears...
press <Control><Alt><F2>


B. Press a key at the grub prompt and highlight the kernel with the
arrow keys and press the letter 'e', move down to the kernel line and
press the letter 'e'. Add a space and put in the number "3" to tell it
to boot to runlevel 3

After startup either way...
login as root and as root, run...
yum update mkinitrd
yum update <<< will update all installed pkgs

This would take some time to install all of the updates.

doing above means I dont have to run mkinitrd  to make new initrd?
Because the   yum update  will update the initrd also?

This still won't solve your X problems.
That would probably need you to switch to the console again as above and
again, login as root
init 3
yum install system-config-display
system-config-display --reconfig

and see if you can get a working X display

You can test it by typing 'startx'

Once you get X running, you can type 'init 5' or just reboot

I am familiar with startx, I run that way in my fc5

Are you telling me that my f10 boot is actually finishing?
and only then failing on X-server?

thanks for response


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