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Re: Wireless speed drops


David Timms написа:
Georgi Hristozov wrote:
Did you check /var/log/messages between the time it's working well, to when it starts to go slow ?
Does NM go through a disconnect, connected process ?

There's nothing in /var/log/messages. NM gets through this process, but it doesn't actually put the interface down. That's what I quite can't understand - how can this be fixed without bringing down the wlan interface.

Any ideas how can I debug this issue?
- With another wireless machine, can you prove to yourself that access rate stays high even when problem laptop goes slow ?

- Once troubled, does a WAP gateway restart help ?

- Does the laptop only have trouble with this WAP, ie test it with another WAP ?

- Could the wireless card be getting put in low power mode/asleep where waking doesn't working properly ?

- Are you using power suspend or sleep modes ?

- can a wired connection to the same network stay up and continually download at good wired rates (eg 60Mbps on 100M connection ?

- Is the wap a router as well ?

- are you using any peer-peer network apps on either wired or wireless parts of your network, or even the on the troubling laptop ?

- Does the WAP log show any trouble ?

- Are you moving too close or far away from the WAP ?

- Interference from too many 802.11 frequency devices like other WAPs, microwave, DECT cordless phones etc ?

- does the wireless tools like iwconfig etc show that the connection speed has been adjusted ?

- does it matter if your notebook is running of mains or battery ?

These are just random guesses really, since my 3945 on HP nx6320 works just fine, and continues to work when I take the notebook downstairs, some obstructions away. However, my WAP Netgear WTG624 needs a power reboot about every one-two weeks because it stops responding anymore, ie the client network cards (notebook and 802.11G mobile phone) can no longer connect.


I have tested a lot of wireless equipment with this AP, and everything worked fine. The channel I'm using is "far away" from the other wireless networks in my area. Moreover I bought the notebook with Vista and it worked perfectly for a few months. I tried with Vista now again (it's still on the other partition) and it seemed to be OK.

About the power suspend - the problem appears no matter if I'm working on the notebook or not. Anyway, I have some trouble with ACPI (sometimes the machine doesn't want to sleep, but I think it's caused by the CIFS shares) and maybe I should investigate this.

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