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Re: install disk

Michael Shelby wrote:
I downloaded drivers for my video card and it is a .run do I convert to

Which is what?  nVidia?

a rpm file or get a installer, I read the read me file for the down load but got lost, it said to install,

ATI and nVidia drivers are available in many forms. Some are free, open-source drivers, but may not support all of the required accelerations on all cards. Sometimes there are more than 1 open source driver, which only serves to confuse the issue. ATI and nVidia also provide their own closed source drivers for some video cards. They can be provided via a .zip file, a .run installer file, or in some case, some third party repositories (ATRPMs or RPMFusion) provide RPMs for these drivers in various forms. I use RPMFusions drivers for my ATI laptop and my nVidia desktop. YMMV, and depending on your video card, may not need the proprietary drivers at all.

 "The following packages must be installed in order for the CatalystTM Linux

Catalyst says its an ATI driver. Consider looking at the fglrx packages from RPMFusion. Also, note that the open-source radeon driver may do what you need. If your card is an ATI-HD card, maybe radeonhd will work for you. The basic ati driver may give you 2D support, but not 3D support. (Like I said, its very confusing.) I'm sure Kevin Kofler will have more to say on this subject, as he seems to be more up-to-date on the state of the free ATI drivers than I am.

driver to install and work properly:
• XFree86-Mesa-libGL
• libstdc++
• libgcc
• XFree86-libs
• fontconfig
• freetype
• zlib
• gcc
The Xinstall.sh script must be downloaded in binary mode, otherwise it will not run correctly. If you get lots of "command not found" messages when you try to run it, then it is most likely because the script was not downloaded in binary mode. Some web browsers will not do this for files of that name, so we also have a copy of it called "|Xinstall.bin|", and most browsers should download that correctly. When downloading it under this name, select "save as" on your browser, and save the file under the name "|Xinstall.sh|"."

If you install via RPMs, all of your dependancies will be installed along with the driver.

But I got up to downloading a script file but it took my to a page full of code, do i need to copy and paste and turn into .exe? Sorry rusty at linux, used it in school to learn java programming, should of watched him dual boot all the cpu's in the class. If you can point me in the right dir it would be appreciated.

I like to use RPMs whenever possible. Esp when someone else does the hard work for me. B^)

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us
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