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Re: No modules get loaded

Mick M. wrote:
[root localhost ~]# cat /etc/modprobe.conf
# default modutils aliases
alias binfmt-204 binfmt_aout
alias binfmt-263 binfmt_aout
alias binfmt-264 binfmt_aout
alias binfmt-267 binfmt_aout
I don't think you really need an /etc/modprobe.conf at all ?
(But I'm no expert)

The man says modprobe is the way nowadays, along with
Does modprobe a single module work ?

I am sure there is a better way, but this worked.
The problem was that you don't find out about the missing modules until you reboot.
Do you mean you manually get a kernel installed, then reboot - alls ok, then reboot again, and on the second time the modules wont load ?

So something gets set/reset, then during the next boot modules are not loaded, although the files are there.
It would be interesting to look / compare a dmesg and /var/log/message output when it works and doesn't. Preferable to put such logs into fpaste.org or similar, and post the links back here.


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