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Re: Video Capture Software

Robert L. Cochran wrote:
Is there video capture software that works similarly to Pinnacle
Studio? I need to capture video from a bunch of 16-20 year old VHS
tapes from a VCR. I'd like to do this in Fedora if possible. If such
software exists, do I need a specific video capture card. Or is any
old capture card okay? Like the Pinnacle 500-USB?
If it has composite video input connector, that's all you would really need. Haven't used that device particularly (used the video in video out version of an nvidia fx5600 VGA card). Check out some linux hardware databases like:

Hopefully someone will have updated their smolt profile to say whether the device just works etc.

You can probably use XawTV / TVTime for playback to the screen, and once you sure you have this working, then look for a specific capture app. It's possibly best to do your capture and manipulation work in an uncompressed format, and output to eg mpeg2/dvd profile so that you can make a dvd.
Look at videodog, kino, mlt (in RPM Fusion RSN ?)

One last question. Is there software that can fix defects in captured
I think kino has such filters, but you would need to check most recent version.

Well, that is not the best question for me to ask, there are
so many reasons why the defects can be present. I have a one hour
sample capture from a 16 year old tape that has so many reddish
off-color frames,
Do you see those on a normal TV monitor ?

so many jerky "motions"
Sounds like the capture hardware couldn't keep up system it was outputting to couldn't keep up. Was this with the Pinnacle ?

and other unnatural breaks
in the playback that I wonder if it's

a) the tape

b) the VCR
Yes. If you haven't used your deck for a long time, use a head-cleaning tape before entrusting your tapes to the deck. Preferably, get a VCR tech to perform a proper head / transport path clean, for best results. Can you playback to TV / capture to PC a brand new (never opened) bought VHS movie OK ? Some decks need you to adjust picture tracking manually if the tape was recorded on a different deck, or the alignment changed since you recorded the material.

c) the cable
No. unless you are wobbling the cable/connection and it occurs as you do this. Use a direct composite video cable if possible, rather than an antenna connection cable to your TV.


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