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Re: Accessing A Fedora 7 Box FROM The Net

Paul wrote:
> Not everyone is such a whiz that they can just go and do an in-place upgrade
> of any given Linux distribution. Windoze is bad enough with things breaking
> on an upgrade, Fedora can be a nightmare, and that is on a stock distro
> without manually updated or installed packages. This is why I personally
> find the Fedora policy of tossing out a new distro every so often and
> scrapping the one to or three places back so abhorrent. Have you seen the
> uproar M$ has gone through over retiring XP? Responsible would be keeping
> one version and keeping it patched as long as possible, not throwing out the
> baby, bathwater and tub every six months. There is no actual need to do
> this, it is just a choice made by the Fedora maintainers, to do it this way
> rather than make the individual updates to each package, kernel included, as
> they are brought out by the developers, and tested for use in the distro.
> - Paul
 If this type of upgrade is such a problem for you, then maybe
Fedora is not the correct distribution for you to be running. There
are many distributions that are not nearly as fast paced. You have
many choices. I believe that most of us here are happy with the
release policy of Fedora.

There are more then a few people here that run more then one
distribution. They run something like RedHat or CentOS for systems
that need long term stability. They run Fedora to see one direction
things may take in the future.

As far as updating individual packages, there is a problem with
that. Too many packages depend on each other - you may need to
rebuild many packages in order to up update one package. Then you
need to test the changed package. It is not nearly as easy as you
make it sound. Just ask the people that maintained the Fedora Legacy

When it comes to MS and the problems with retiring XP, the cases are
not comparable. You can run a different distribution of Linux
instead of Fedora and do the equivalent of staying with XP.


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