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Fedora 10: Problems occurred after cancelled the update

Hi everyone:
I installed Fedora 10 on my 16G usb thumb disk by using Fedora 10 live
CD, it is a real installation rather than live USB.

Because the 'yum update' is too slow, I cancelled the process by press
Ctrl+C, I actually did this 3 times, every time after I restarted and
try to continue the update, it worked well.

However, the fourth time I cancelled the update and came back again, I
can not access the system, there is a login page, but it is strange. I
has no user name on it, and the domain name is 'localhost.localdomian'
rather than my own defined name. When I typed my user name and
password manually, and try to login in, the system recgonised my login
but only show me the blue background with nothing on it.

Is there anyone knows how to figure out this problem?

Thank you very much!:D

Time is all we have
and you may find one day
you have less than you think

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