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Re: What software is missing in the Fedora repository?


Rahul Sundaram написа:
> Hi,
> I am doing a quick survey for software that you use on a regular basis
> that is not available via the Fedora repository. Software that you
> suggest should be free and open source, free of patent and other legal
> issues.
> Tell me the home page of the software and give me a brief description on
> what it does.  Bonus points if you can see in Google for "software-name
> fedora package review" to figure it if it is already in the Fedora
> package review queue. If you know of RPM packages in other distributions
> for the software your are suggesting, that information is useful as well.
> Rahul

I'm missing wicd - a python-based alternative network manager (
http://wicd.net/ ). It's very easy to install, but adding it to the
Fedora repo will help the users to keep up with the updates. I found
some discussions about adding it to the repos, but nothing have happened
since then (March 2008).

It will be nice to see the omnibook module too (
http://sourceforge.net/projects/omke ). The project seems dead and the
only usable version is the SVN snapshot, but I think it will help the
notebook users who can't compile the module themselves and need built-in
support for the specific hardware. For example, without omnibook it's
impossible to use your bluetooth on such notebook.

And, finally, one game - Simutrans ( http://www.simutrans.com/ ). It's a
transportation simulation game. The package won't be very big, even with
 a few PAKs.

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