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Re: [OT] ssh login script - Please Help

Dan Track wrote:
> I appreciate this is OT but could someone just give me a little
> advice, I've written this script to logon on each server then
> restart the ntpd daemon. The problem I have is it only restarts the
> daemon for the last server provided in the list, any ideas as to why
> and how to fix it?

While I'm not offering any help on why your expect script is failing
you, I would say that if you have a need to ssh into multiple machines
to copy config files and restart services, you should look into tools
like func and puppet.  Func is perfect for quick, one-off commands.
Puppet is better for complete configuration management.

As a t-shirt from Reductive Labs┬╣, the makers of Puppet said, "SSH in a
loop is _not_ a solution." ;)

┬╣ http://reductivelabs.com/images/Layouts.pdf

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    -- Opus

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