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Re: f10dvd installs but won't boot

On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 09:27 -0700, jackson byers wrote:
> > A. let it boot up until the screen disappears...
> > press <Control><Alt><F2>
> >
> > or
> >
> > B. Press a key at the grub prompt and highlight the kernel with the
> > arrow keys and press the letter 'e', move down to the kernel line and
> > press the letter 'e'. Add a space and put in the number "3" to tell it
> > to boot to runlevel 3
> > ---------------------------
> > jbyers:
> > A.   did not work, all it does is recover a blinking white  dash,
> >  no response to keyboard
> >
> > B. I got partway thru this, i think including adding "3", then  I did
> > something wrong
> >   left with
> .> grub>
> > I wasnt clear at this point  put in "boot"
> > got many error msgs
> >
> > I finally went back to my fc5   and put a space and a "3"  at end of kernel line
> > in the f10 grub.conf.
> > This got me to login
> >
> > I will try
> > yum update mkinitrd
> > yum update
> >
> > later today; I need my fc5 right now.
> ----
> >>well, it won't do you any good since you are not getting past grub
> >>at this point, I would probably...
> >> boot the Install DVD, put the kernel argument into the boot command...
>  >> linux install scsi_mod.scan=sync
> >>Making /dev/sda1 about 200 megabytes for just /boot and then /dev/sda4
> for /
> >>At least if you boot the DVD with the scsi_mod.scan=sync kernel
> >>parameter, when it installs the kernel and builds your initrd, it will
> >>build it with that parameter already.
> >>Craig
> -------
> jbyers:
> I am not at all sure I did B. procedure correctly,
> so my not getting past grub could have been due to my error?
> And I do get to level 3 login using my modified f10 grub.conf
> I will try at least f10 reinstall with "linux install scsi_mod.scan=sync"
> --won't get  to it until > noon pst.
> Question on your sda1 for /boot, sda4  for /  :
> My experience using disk druid in the install is weak.
> I have used gparted from a   systemrescuecd
> and this seems pretty easy to use.
> So from gparted i would
> 1)format current sda1 first? or not necessary?
> 2)Shrink sda1 from its current 21gb  down to 200mb.
> 3)new partition sda4, to start at end of new sda1
>   and to end at old sda1end
> this process will leave  present size, location of sda2,sda3 untouched?
> so in  order on  disk,   sda1,sda4,sda2,sda3  ?
yeah - that's sort of what I was thinking

You are only allowed 4 'primary' partitions and obviously sda2 & sda3
are to be left alone but if I recall correctly, one of them was your
'swap' partition which could be used by any Linux boot. It does seem to
me that the usage of diskdruid in anaconda (installer) is necessary just
to tell it which partitions to use (i.e. /dev/sda1 for /boot, /dev/sda3?
for swap and /dev/sda4 for /) so I don't know that you're getting much
value from gparted but suit yourself.


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