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Re: Why does my window fractionate?

On 5/8/2009 11:53 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> dexter wrote:

>>>>> I'm running Fedora-10 with KDE.
>>>>> Every now and then my window dissolves
>>>>> into several small windows, each corresponding to
>>>>> one of my desktops.

>>>>> I know this happens when I move the mouse over something,
>>>>> but I haven't been able to work out what that something is.

>>>> I think you are referring to "Desktop Grid"
>>>> http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=kde++"desktop+Grid";

>>> Thanks for the suggestion.
>>> I'm not sure if this is the actual "effect" in action,
>>> as implementing it by Ctrl+F8 produces a slightly different picture -
>>> the mini-desktops are aligned in a grid, as the name suggests,
>>> while when my desktop "fractionates" the mini-dekstops
>>> are displayed around the screen.

>>>> I don't have a clue how to configure Desktop Effects though - it sounds
>>>> like you have a hot zone configured for one of your screen corners that
>>>> launches that picker, so maybe have a look through the Desktop Effects
>>>> system settings to work out how it's configured.

>>> That sounds plausible, though as you say
>>> I have no idea how to find the "hot zone" if indeed there is one.
>>> The Desktop Grid entry actually says "Action - Unknown",
>>> which is not very helpful.

>> Thats funny I had the same mistry when effects are enabled, turns out
>> the default zone is the top left-hand corner configured via the
>> 'screen edges' tab from 'desktop effects' so the full path System
>> settings=>Desktop=>Desktop effects=>Screen edges.

> Thanks ... that was indeed the source of the problem.
> On clicking on "Screen edges" I see that there are 8 hot-spots
> around the screen, 7 of which were disabled.
> The top left-hand hot-spot was however set to show all the desktops
> when the mouse hovered over it.
> Disabling this has stopped that happening;
> though actually knowing what caused it would have been enough
> to stop it happening in practice.

I know someone who has put a lot of effort working on this Wiki site. It
might be of value to you. It is available in many, but not all, languages.
They are working on that.

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