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gnome toolbar bug

Hi all,

There has been a bug with the gnome toolbars that has persisted through every fedora version I've ever used and is easily reproducible.

I like top and bottom toolbars and prefer them not to expand and to auto-hide. Whenever I login I get both toolbars at the top.

Selecting properties for the misplaced one there is a position dropdown for top, bottom, left, right. Choosing bottom results in a 1 or 2 second pause and the selection is reverted back to top.

To cause it to go back to where it should be, open properties and select expand, then select bottom, then deselect expand. Works every time.

Note that if the toolbar's property is set to expand it always appears correctly.

At one time I fixed it by mucking around in some xml file somewhere in .gconf (I think) but haven't been able to figure it out again. (damn CRS ;)

I can live with this, even though I have to go through the same procedure every time I login. Very annoying and time consuming.

If somebody knows how to solve this I'd love to hear from you.

Mike Wright

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