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Re: Fedora sendmail auth

Steven W. Orr wrote:
I have some crappy laptop running windoze and I want to connect to my home server to send and receive my mail. I got the dovecot/imap side working but I need to know what to do to be allowed to use my server at home which runs sendmail as my SMTP server. Is there a gentle howto that's uptodate WRT F~10? Can I just auth by password or do I really need to go the whole certificate magilla? What packages are needed?

If you add the laptop to your /etc/mail/access file (configure as RELAY), you should be able to use your sendmail directly (port 25). Or, you could configure sendmail to use MSA on port 587 with login credentials. Finally, you could enable SSL (smtps) on port 485, but ISTR that it requires certificates be set up. I created a dummy self-signed certificate on my server machine, and I use it for each client on my local network which wishes to send email through my server.
Whether its Windows or Linux, I use the same setup in Thunderbird.


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