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RE: APOLOGY Re: Software request

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> Subject: APOLOGY Re: Software request
> On Wed, 06 May 2009 00:28:59 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:


> 	I have gnome-format installed. It launches, and seems 
> to try; but I then get an error message saying "Error opening 
> /dev/sdc: Permission denied" -- even if the disk is one whose 
> Properties tell me its permissions "could not be determined."

Default is to deny if not accepted in most situations.

> 	I did 
> [root Hbsk2 dev]# chown -R btth:btth /dev/sdc
> [root Hbsk2 dev]#
> and that seems to've gotten rid of the permission problem -- 
> or maybe just hidden it ...
> 	Eventually, after various warnings, it does show both 
> the stick and the file system to put on it, as well as a live 
> "Format" button. 
> 	Then nothing more happens. No matter how long I leave 
> it (up to half a day), gnome-format shows no sign of doing 
> anything; and the stuff on the stick is still there. 

Did you unmount the media before formatting?

- Paul

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