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Re: Fedora 10: Problems occurred after cancelled the update

Li Wang wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> I installed Fedora 10 on my 16G usb thumb disk by using Fedora 10 live
> CD, it is a real installation rather than live USB.
> Because the 'yum update' is too slow, I cancelled the process by press
> Ctrl+C, I actually did this 3 times, every time after I restarted and
> try to continue the update, it worked well.
> However, the fourth time I cancelled the update and came back again, I
> can not access the system, there is a login page, but it is strange. I
> has no user name on it, and the domain name is 'localhost.localdomian'
> rather than my own defined name. When I typed my user name and
> password manually, and try to login in, the system recgonised my login
> but only show me the blue background with nothing on it.
> Is there anyone knows how to figure out this problem?
> Thank you very much!:D
First of all, using Ctrl-C to exit yum is always a gamble. It can,
as in this case, leave the system in an unstable or unusable state.
Two things you can try:

 - Boot to run level 3, log in as root from the command line, and
finish the yum update.
 - Boot from the install media, chroot to the mounted file system,
and run yum update.

I don't know if either will fix the system, but they are my best
guess on fixing the problem.


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