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Re: Backing up whole system

On 9 May 2009 at 6:15, GMS S wrote:

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Subject:        	Backing up whole system
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> What is the best and easy way to backup whole fedora 10?

What kind of backup are you trying to do?
I am the current maintainer of G4L, which is a live cd, and currently buiding 
using my Fedora 10 systems and use to backup my computer labs. It is 
basically a bare-bones backup usng dd and various compression options to 
backup disks or partition. A disk backup copies everything, so it can restore a 
system to a previous stare quickly. My lab has 80GB disks with 
98/XP/Fedora 10 and it does a full backup in about 50 minutes using lzop 
compression and 40 minutes to restore. lzop is about twice as fast as gzip 
with my systems and only 10% larger image.  

It can be run from a boot cd, but I added it as grub option to elimanate the 
need to insert the cd each time.

title G4l
     kernel /bz29.1 ramdisk_size=65536 root=/dev/ram0 
     initrd /ramdisk.gz

These just requires copying one of the kernels from the iso or dev kit, and 
placing it and the ramdisk.gz file in the boot directory. 

The latest alpha version is 

But the released 0.29 is on sourceforge, but doesn't have the latest kernels.

One final note. This backups up to an ftp server, or to external usb devices. 
It is also totally free, and the dev kit has full source code.

> Thanks.
> Fedora 10.
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