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Re: Still having problems with my tv tuner -- need help

Thanks Gene;

On Sat, 2009-05-09 at 19:48 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 09 May 2009, William Case wrote:
> >Hi;
> >
> >tvtime gives me a great picture but no sound.
> >
> [...]
> You are aware that tvtime does not have a digital audio path aren't you?
Yes.  I am doing the whole thing through analog cable.

> In my case, the audio output of my card, a pcHDTV-3000, is jumpered to the 
> microphone input on my audigy2 (sb0400 chipset), and the tvtime audio is then 
> via the mic channel of my audio card.  The jumper is about 6" long.  Works 
> great.  

> But here in the US, we only have about 33 more days to use tvtime 
> since its analog tv only.  We shut our own analog tx off for the last time at 
> the end of the broadcast day, June 11th.
Here, in Canada its not for a couple of more years, if I remember
correctly.  In any case I use a cable TV connection.

> Maybe this will give some impetus to get kaffiene finished, it is very 
> unstable even when hand built from the 8.4 tarball, and the 8.3 rpms for 
> fedora do not work at all, no means to configure a channel list, no docs on 
> how to.  The scanner function is missing entirely in the rpms so for tv 
> watching, sorry.  Even the 8.4 version has a very limited number of times you 
> can change channels before it gloms onto 100% of the cpu, and it takes several 
> minutes to locate it and give it a shot of 'kill -9' under those conditions.
I would have given up a while ago, but since it works fine in WindowsXP
tv viewer, I can't stop tinkering with tvtime in Fedora.  I guess my
options are limited to watching TV in Windows or working in Linux.  I
was hoping to do both in Fedora.  I hate rebooting into Windows.

> -- 
> Cheers, Gene
> "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
>  soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
> -Ed Howdershelt (Author)
> /*
>  * At first I thought these guys were on crack, but then I discovered the
>  * LART. 
>  */
> 	- comment from include/linux/mtd/cfi_endian.h
Regards Bill
Fedora 10, Gnome 2.24.3
Evo.2.24.5, Emacs 22.3.1

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