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Re: Still having problems with my tv tuner -- need help

Gene Heskett wrote:
> In my case, the audio output of my card, a pcHDTV-3000, is jumpered to the 
> microphone input on my audigy2 (sb0400 chipset), and the tvtime audio is then 
> via the mic channel of my audio card.  The jumper is about 6" long.  Works 
> great.  But here in the US, we only have about 33 more days to use tvtime 
> since its analog tv only.  We shut our own analog tx off for the last time at 
> the end of the broadcast day, June 11th.
If you have an analog card, and you do not want to upgrade, you can
always hook up a converter box to it. You have to change channels on
the box, instead of using the software, but it works. It works even
better if you feed the audio directly to the line-in on your sound
card, and the video to a video-in instead of using the antenna
input. (By the way, the line-in usually works better then the
microphone jack for line level inputs.)


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