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Re: Still having problems with my tv tuner -- need help

Plus there are people like me who are reading this thread because of interest in TV cards. I was looking at a few last night.


On 05/10/2009 09:30 AM, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
William Case wrote:
I was ready to give up.  However, I am definitely not getting the second
dev so I will try finding out why tomorrow.  I was sure I had carefully
installed everything as instructed.

Showing me what I should be seeing is a great help.

I'll leave everyone alone now.  If I can't get it working I'll quit
trying.  If I can, I will post the solution.

Don't give up - as Paul said, try the video4linux project. It isn't
that we don't want to help - it is just that nobody on this list has
experience with your hardware. Please keep us updated on what you
find, even if it is something like your card is not fully supported
yet. (I have run into that a time or two...)


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