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Re: git-svnimport

Dave Cross wrote:
> Is git-svnimport packaged in an RPM for Fedora 10 anywhere? I have
> the git-svn RPM and that includes git-svn (the command that allows
> git to talk to an existing svn repository). What I'm looking for is
> git-svnimport (the command that imports an svn repository into a new
> git repository - so you can then remove the old repository). I can't
> seem to find it anywhere, but I'm sure it must be around.

You want to use git svn, git-svnimport is not supported anymore:


    "Documentation: Remove mentions of git-svnimport.

    git-svnimport is no longer supported, so don't mention it in the
    documentation.  This also updates the description, removing the
    historical discussion, since it mostly dealt with how it differed
    from svnimport.  The new description gives some starting points
    into the rest of the documentation."

If you really want to try git-svnimport, it is still in the git.git
repository and tarballs, in the contrib/examples directory.  But it is
not installed by upstream git nor in the Fedora git packages.

If you're having specific trouble with git svn, ask here or on the git
list and it's likely someone can help.

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