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Re: Can't update F9

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Alan Evans wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it did not help. Actually, that
>> package you pointed to was already installed. I forced rpm to update
>> it anyway. But the behavior didn't change. Yum just cycles through
>> every URL it can trying to download
>> <huge-hex-number>-primary.sqlite.bz2 then reports "[Error -3] Error
>> performing checksum Trying other mirror." Repeat indefinitely.
> Oh - that is different from a bad signature. That is a bad package.
> Sometimes running yum cleanall will fix it.

The F9 repos were recently (in the past week) updated to use sha256
hashes for the repodata.  It's possible that this has caused the
problem, though I am fairly certain that updating from a clean F9
install was tested before the new hashes were pushed out.

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