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Skype no sound on fedora

This is a short howto for skype on recent fedora distributions which use the pulseaudio system. I had no sound in skype and am going on a trip so I needed to resolve that problem. I saw lots of others with the problem on the web with mixed results so I'll post the resolution to my problem here where its searchable :)

problem: no sound in skype. Pressing the test sound button produced no output. sound on the box is working perfectly.

I connected strace to it (strace -f -e trace-open -p 1234) and pressed the test sound button. It failed to open some pulseaudio libs in /usr/lib/pulse... (I forget exactly which ones... sorry). The problem is that while I have a working sound system for most apps Skype is a 32 bit app and needs 32 bit pulse support. So I installed: yum install pulseaudio.i386 pulseaudio-core-libs.i386 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i386

Then I set the sound device to "pulse" in skype, pressed the test button and it made noise!

Hopefully this will help others...

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