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Re: ssh connects to originating host

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Two systems A and B, connected via wireless. A and B both have the same /etc/hosts. Connecting from B to A, "ssh A", works fine. However on A, "ssh B" logs me into A. This used to work fine; the only clue I have is that ssh did not like the stored RSA key. I let it fix it, and that's when the trouble started. Rebooting A did not fix, nor did removing the saved key and repeating.

Any suggestions?


My best guess:
The stored key issue was symptomatic of the problem resolving host to ip address incorrectly.

There are three things to check:
1) Logged on at host A, what does 'host B' command return for information? Is it the correct address for B? If the wrong address then you need to research whether your dns server or an /etc/hosts entry is the cause. 2) Whatever user you do this as on host A, is there a ~/.ssh/config file? And if so, does it have a stanza that defines how to contact host B, but do so with the wrong name or ip address? 3) It is also possible, but less likely, that on host A you have dnat rules in iptables causing the endpoint for that ssh tcp connection to be changed to a local host based address.


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