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Re: Can't update F9

Craig White wrote:
>> The F9 repos were recently (in the past week) updated to use sha256
>> hashes for the repodata.  It's possible that this has caused the
>> problem, though I am fairly certain that updating from a clean F9
>> install was tested before the new hashes were pushed out.
> ----
> I would tend to doubt that. I was pretty much dead in the water with
> a system that was setup last August and I updated to updates.newkey
> and after that, Fedora 9 might as well have been EOL because I
> couldn't update it. I did download and install yum from F10 and it's
> updating as I write this but most people are never gonna be able to
> do that.

That's certainly not good.  It's not something I tested or had
anything to do with.  I only mentioned the possibility that it might
be the root of the problem the OP was having as I had seen the change
being discussed on IRC a week or so ago.  I am fairly sure that the
scenario of a clean F9 install and update was tested, but even so, it
could easily have missed some ways that things could break.

I did a quick bugzilla search and didn't find any bugs on this.
Either my bugzilla search was off or there aren't a ton of people
running into this.  Hopefully it gets reported so that it can be

I can't help but wonder if it requires some unlucky timing to hit?
Otherwise I would think the list would have a lot more folks
complaining that their Fedora 9 boxes have stopped updating. :/

> This is the type of thing that you can't do mid-release unless you
> are absolutely sure it will work.

I agree.  It definitely seems like a risky change to make at this
stage of the Fedora 9 release.

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