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Can't boot!

Hey all,

My Fedora 10/PC DOS 2000/Win 98 SE/Win XP Pro system stopped booting when Fedora 10 is selected. HELP!

Asus P3V4X motherboard
Pentium III - S 1.4 GHz
512 MB ECC PC133 SDRAM (unregistered, unbuffered)
Three Maxtor hard drives, 6.4 GB, 40 GB, and 40 GB
Promise Ultra 100 TX2 ATA controller card (Attached to the two 40 GB drives)
Some DVD-ROM drive I extracted from a dead Compaq S4000V
A CD-RW drive (BTC BCE3212IM)that I bought new at some kind of sale at the fairgrounds
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV AGP graphics card
Dell 1504FP LCD monitor in analog (VGA) mode
Creative SoundBlaster AWE 64 Value sound card
3Com 3C905TX PCI NIC
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse

There was also a Sigma Designs REALMagic Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder card in there up until recently, but I was able to boot into Fedora 10 at least once recently since I removed the card.

The computer seems to "die" right about when X is about to start.

As always, Windows XP Pro boots just fine and all of the hardware seems functional in there (but what fun would that be? ;-)).

Your help is much appreciated.


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