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Re: rsync -

Paul wrote:
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Andras Simon wrote:
If you change the files "in parallel" on both computers, then I'm afraid you'll have to manually merge them. The only tool I
know about
which helps with this is Emacs' emerge (which, for all my love for Emacs, I find nearly unusable), but there must be others.

Ok, I have two conflicting replies. I will make back up files and give it a try.
Thanks for the responses.


Why not keep the files in e-space so that you can edit them from either
machine and always only be changing the one and only copy? (not counting

Types of e-space:

* A directory that is shared on a network.
* A GoogleDocs file space.
* A server (let's call it 3).
* An SD card/USB key.
* A (god forbid) floppy disk.

- Paul

Yes I suppose those are possibilities but I've used rsync in the past when the transfers were simpler.

I just got "unison" via yum, now to figure out how to use it, there's no man file or documentation that I have found yet?



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