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Re: rsync -

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:

I have two f-10 desk top computers, boxes 6 and 9. I use them interchangeably and keep notes [notecase] in both. I would like to update each from the other without losing anything in the process.

The name "rsync" seems to imply that it will make them identical. Does that mean if the source has fewer files than the target the target will have some deleted? Is there a command string to ensure I wont lose anything?

You have some answers, but the thing to remember is that rsync does a push (sends newer files) by default, but only does a delete when asked on the command line. You won't lose anything you don't intend to.

The only issue is that you do need to be faithful keeping that push going, if you change a file on A and then make other changes on B, you will need something like git to clean it up.

My feeling is that if these are servers you should use NFS to do the job, or you will probably forget to sync them eventually. If you have a server as NFS host that would let both do mounts and keep current.

Hope that helps make a choice.

I made backups of both files in each computer and rsync dealt with it as long as I transferred the entire file, something I could have done with sftp. If I tried to rsync the larger file with the smaller it simply replaced the larger file and I lost information.

What I did not realize is that the "notecase" files are in html:

   <!DOCTYPE NoteCase-File>
   <meta content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
   <meta name="generator" content="NoteCase 1.6.1">
   ... snip ...

Which leads me to believe that's a format rsync can't deal with or requires different "options" other than the -av I used?

So I have the same information in both computers but there is data in the smaller file that I do not have in the larger one. I may have to copy the data individually which will probably work all right but there is no assurance that I will get everything.

I will deal with my note keeping differently in the future.

I also have calendar data in "remind" that I need to do a similar operation on. It looks like I've painted myself into a corner?


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