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Re: rsync -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I made backups of both files in each computer and rsync dealt with
> it as long as I transferred the entire file, something I could have
> done with sftp. If I tried to rsync the larger file with the smaller
> it simply replaced the larger file and I lost information.

You may be mistaking rsync for a two-way synchronization tool.  It's
not.  If you run 'rsync -av $src/ $dst/' any files in $dst that differ
from $src will be overwritten by what is in $src.

You can use the --update (-u) to skip files that are newer on $dst,
which might help you.  But if you're trying to keep two systems in
sync and you modify both systems independently, unison may be a better

> What I did not realize is that the "notecase" files are in html:
>    <!DOCTYPE NoteCase-File>
>    <!--LastNote:83-->
>    <HTML>
>    <HEAD>
>    <meta content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
>    <meta name="generator" content="NoteCase 1.6.1">
>    <TITLE></TITLE>
>    ... snip ...
> Which leads me to believe that's a format rsync can't deal with or
> requires different "options" other than the -av I used?

rsync doesn't care about the file format.  It doesn't parse the file
to work its magic.

> So I have the same information in both computers but there is data
> in the smaller file that I do not have in the larger one. I may have
> to copy the data individually which will probably work all right but
> there is no assurance that I will get everything.

If you're looking to merge the notecase files between systems, I don't
think either rsync or unison will be of much use.  You'd need to use a
tool more like a revision control system (e.g. git) to handle merging
the changes from each system into the other.  But there are probably
better ways to achieve your goals than that. :)

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