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Re: cups printers disabled randomely

>Printer will randomly disable. Have to /usr/bin/enable the printer to

> continue printing.


I think I  read somewhere about a TIMEOUT option where printers a

disabled if they do not respond with the default (300 sec?) timeout.

But I could be wrong and you seem to have not luck with it either.


A script running with a high frequency to enable printers can be put in crond.


lpstat -t | grep disable > ${mytmp}

cat ${mytmp} | grep 'printer' | awk '{print $2}' > ${mytmp}.txt

for disabled_prn in `cat ${mytmp}.txt`


        debug "Disabled Printer         :${disabled_prn}"

        /usr/bin/enable ${disabled_prn}

        debug "Executing /usr/bin/enable ${disabled_prn} "

        email_sub="PRN::Disabled printer  ${disabled_prn} was enabled

on `hostname -s`, `date`"

        debug "Email SUB                :${email_sub}"




I have put a cron job in for a patch but I must figure out why this is happening.

cron basically runs /usr/bin/enable every 3 minutes.


What “signal” does CUPS get to disable the printer? Does it come from the system lpd somewhere?

How can I track it? Cups error_log give no information.




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